Thursday, July 02, 2020

Work Environment Associates, Inc.

Work Environment Associates, Inc. is an occupational and environmental health consulting firm specializing in industrial hygiene, OSHA and EPA compliance activities.

Work Environment professionals conduct inspections and assessments of hazardous materials per OSHA and EPA regulations. We evaluate air contaminants, interpret the data and compare with existing standards and guidelines and issue practical recommendations for the control of hazards. We prepare abatement drawings and specifications and provide on-site monitoring and construction administration for projects involving asbestos, lead paint, indoor air contaminants, mold and other hazardous materials. We are a licensed asbestos laboratory that provides on site analysis of fibers by phase contrast microscopy.

Work Environment is a woman owned business certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Woman Business Enterprise (SWAM – Cert. # 906). The firm is incorporated in Virginia. Our clients include industry and construction in Virginia, commercial entities, federal, state and local government agencies. Work Environment professionals are licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. The firm carries $ 1 million/$ 3 million professional liability coverage for its services. Work Environment was established in 1987.

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